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Our Hypnotherapy & 

Life Change Coaching 

Has Been Helping people Make Positive Changes, For Over A Decade

We Help People Overcome Their Fears and Phobias - We help People Stop Smoking - Change negative Eating Habits - We Help People Gain Confidence and Overcome feelings of Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Many Other Emotional Problems



Book A Free Initial Consultation Today and 

find Out How We Could Help You Get Unstuck and Move On 

Gary is a highly Qualified Life coach,  Master Hypnotherapist , Psychotherapist and Master Adv NLP practitioner.  Gary says " We Focus on solutions rather than, dwelling, on the unchangeable past,  we help you move forwards and get unstuck.

Not All Therapists Work In The Same

Hypnotherapy & Coaching  At Phoenix, Could Be The Answer

Over the years,  we have witnessed the results of our therapy model and this is supported by the vast amount of word of mouth  referrals. 

It is clear to Gary, that the benefits of combining his model of  hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Change coaching, is helping people make fast and lasting  positive changes at a deeper level. 

Although our therapy model has delivered amazing results, is not for everyone, that said, since we opened the doors at Phoenix in 2009, We have helped people from many walks of life, from Business, from Stage, Forces, NHS, teachers, Students, Sport people, people from various public services, coaches, therapists, the list goes on.

At Phoenix, we believe we learn from the past but, don't need to live in it,  the future is where positive change happens

Getting Unstuck from the shackles of a troubled past or mental barriers, takes guts and determination (See Gary's Own Story)  BUT,  when you make that change the world can feel like a better place and people say they feel more comfortable in their own skin.

We see most clients for about, half a dozen sessions or so however,  you will know when you have achieved your goals.

Book Your Free Initial Consultation

And find out how we can help

Call Gary On:  07966 719198
Or Email at:

There is no obligation to book sessions after your IC however, we hope you will leave the session knowing more about your problem than when you came in.

 Gary's Qualifications

Gary's own story still continues to inspire many people to take that leap of faith to start that journey of positive life change, Gary says " In my opinion, the best people to help, are those who have been there.

See Gary's Own Story Here

What People Say About Their Experience At Phoenix  :

"I Just would like to say how thankful and grateful I am to Gary, at last I feel like I'm back to my normal self again. Going through anxiety everyday and worrying about little things that normal people wouldn't even think about , hypnotherapy with Gary has put everything back in its place again"  see more here

Book Your Free Initial Consultation Today

Call Gary On :

07966 719198  

Or E mail:

Please Do Not contact us via Whatsapp 

as we do not monitor this platform

Some signs of a full stress bucket are .....

Disturbed Sleep

Feeling drained even though you slept all night

High Anxiety

Feeling unable to cope, over whelmed 

Self doubt

Waking at 4 or 5 am and struggling to get back to sleep

Feeling lethargic

Feeling Irritable / Angry / Frustrated

Negative thinking and introspection


Feeling stuck 

The list goes on .....

We Don't  Dwell On Your Past

We Focus On Your  Better Future

Not All Therapists Work The Same Way

Many people who come to us have tried many other therapies such as, conventional talk therapies, conventional CBT and group therapies which, has not worked, for them.  Our holistic Mind Therapy could be the answer, we are solution focused, after all, when you find yourself in a snake pit, its more important to GET OUT rather than spend years exploring how you ended up there in the first place.

Call Gary Today To Book

Your FREE Initial Consultation

Call - 07966 719198

Or E mail :

We are fully insured and deliver a professional, confidential service, We are registered as Senior practitioner (SQHP) at the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), We are registered with the National Council For Hypnotherapy (NCH) as well being an Accredited member of the government backed CNHC, We are also listed on the NHS Directory.

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