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Do You Want a more natural, positive relationship with food for a slimmer, Healthier Future

We Help People change negative eating patterns

Weight loss and general eating issues keep us rather busy at the clinic.   We have a passion for helping people make subconscious changes that create a natural, sustainable loss of weight or address issues around eating or food, for a healthier future.

As part of our program we use various techniques (some unique) too help:

  1. Reduce the way your mind sees portion sizes
  2. Collapse cravings
  3. Eat consciously
  4. Sleep better
  5. Promote better mental health
  6. We use our hypno-tummy shrinking technique, to help you reset your natural condition to eat when hungry and stop when satisfied

Gary is an advanced NLP practitioner and Master hypnotherapist, who has qualification as a weight management hypnotist and life change coach. As Gary has greatly reduced his own 30+ stone frame he walks the walk as well as talks the talk to help people who want to be PROACTIVE in their better future.

Gary says "I have a very special interest in helping people achieve a healthier, happier, slimmer future, as was stated, I used to weigh about 30 + stone and as a result I suffered many of the issues that being obese can bring so I don't shout down from an ivory tower, I understand the challenges of making positive lifestyle change and the mental barriers and challenges to making those changes .

Eat to live - Not live to eat

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